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Spring break special! Teajo’s mango Assam

17 Mar
Wake me up, before you mango-go...

Wake me up, before you mango-go…

The only thing better than tea is, of course, free tea.

Since Teajo is offering free Assam samples for new members, you can bet your pot that I jumped on it like Renly Baratheon at a Chippendale’s fest. Next thing I know, the Assample is at my doorstep and begging to be tasted. Fast shipping–plus the company has been nothing but warm and welcoming over the ‘Net.

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“Princess”? Try “Queen-in-training.”

22 Dec


(image from peggyorenstein.com)

Picked up Cinderella Ate My Daughter today at the library–one of those books that was never on my Must Read Or Die Trying list, but that’s the thing about libraries. You run into unexpected gems.

And boy is this one a gem. Continue reading