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Do You Hear The People Blog?

2 Jan
Occupy Paris: 1832 edition.

Occupy Paris: 1832 edition.

Raise your hand if you saw Les Mis. (Raise two hands if you cried.)

Alright everyone, hands down.

We all have Les Mis feelings. Deep, intense Les Mis feelings about the actors, the music, the cinematography, the haunting young children pulled from the Land of Biggest Eyes–etc. My Les Mis feelings also include being sorely tempted to be the sole defender of Russel Crowe’s Javert, but considering how many people think that he’s the worst thing that could have happened to the role, I’d rather pick another battle.

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A Penny For Your Sixpack

25 Dec
I heard you bought your tickets to the gun show?

I’d say get your tickets to the gun show–but it’s all sold out.

‘Tis the season for New Years! New Years resolutions!

Enter all the lists of things that We Are Finally Going To Do.

Finally going to read those books. Finally going to finish that novel. Finally going to eat healthy and get in shape.

It’s the last one that’s the tripper, isn’t it? Continue reading