Level 2 Tea Hacking

9 Feb
Tea leaves:  just another substance that makes your body feel good and your wallet feel bad.

Tea leaves: just another substance that makes your body feel good and your wallet feel bad.

Put on your robe and wizard hat, it’s time for another round of leaf-juice sorcery.

Now that we’re stepping up our game to loose leaves, this is where it’s really, really nice to have some teatime swag. Brand matters less than function. I’ve got a Teavana Perfect Tea Maker, but any infuser worth its salt will do. Note that with tea hacking, you will never produce the all-around “perfect” cup of tea. You will only produce a rather mindblowing cup of tea, which will incidentally be perfect for you.


For this venture, you’re going to need tea leaves, an infuser, hot water, and a drinking doodad.

Keeping in mind what we’ve learned from college tea hacking, the measurements translate pretty well to loose leaf. 1 teaspoon = 8 ounce cup. But as we know, most mugs are 12-16 ounces. Therefore, the rule of thumb applies again: 2 doubles, 2 halves. Double the teaspoons, double the flavor. Half the water, half the time.

Step 1: Put 2 teaspoons in the infuser and fill it halfway with hot water.

Step 2: Let it steep half the recommended time before emptying it into the drinking doodad.

Step 3: Fill half of the remaining space with room temperature water.

Step 4: Enjoy your cup of rather mindblowing tea right then and there.

Isn’t it nice, not having to wait an extra eon for your tea to cool down? Yes, you could always do it the “proper” way, without the lukewarm water shot at the end, but there are going to be times when that cup is the one thing you need most at that moment, and  you’re just not in the mood for blowing.


When that happens, delayed gratification can wait for another day. Get your tea.

Like the bag hack, this process can be adjusted to personal taste. More leaves, less leaves, more water, less water, etc. You have direct control over the depth and intensity of the flavor, and each tea has its own character that comes out depending on how its prepared. Re-infusing your tea can yield interesting results, and with the extra concentration of leaves, this method lends itself especially well to multiple infusions. Plus, if you cover and save the leaves for your next cup (tea can sit safely for a day unrefrigerated), you’re getting full bang for your buck.

Saved leaves = saved money. Saved money = more leaves. Everyone wins.


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